How to Transform Packaging Supplies into Gorgeous Gift-Wrap

My favorite type of packaging supplies are the kind you use for wrapping gifts.  This is because tape isn’t just tape, and paper isn’t just paper.  Oh, sure, it still has all of the components that make tape what we call tape, but there’s even more!  Like awesome designs and super fun colors.  Have you ever heard of Washi tape?  Hands down my favorite of all packaging supplies.  If you know any pre-teens, Washi tape is the most appreciated, easily-obtained gift you could possible give them.  Kids put it on everything from their shoes to their notebooks.  And this is why it’s great for giftwrapping!  Here are a few of my favorite gift combinations of gift-wrapping packaging supplies:

 Washi Tape and Kraft Paper

We’ve already talked about Washi tape. You can use brown, Kraft paper to wrap you gift in any season or for any occasion.  Then, you can use your Washi tape to decorate your package according to the occasion.  If you don’t think you are creative enough to come up with some good ideas, take a look at the internet.  It’s pretty hard to mess up with Washi tape.


Office Supplies

Granted, you might not think of office supplies as packaging supplies, but it’s really fun to be able to incorporate random things when in the process of gorgeously gift-wrapping.


Cloth Items

If you aren’t too keen on using disposable items, there are still options. And one’s that will be duly appreciated, because they will wind up being a bonus gift as well.  Wrap your gifts in scarfs, or cloth sacks, or just any type of leftover cloth that you might have from a previous project.


Nature Accents

I will try not to mention Kraft paper too many times, but it really is the best for wrapping gifts. You can do literally anything to it.  Sometimes I like to just use it plain, and tie some string around it.  Then I tuck some twigs and sprigs of berries or dried flowers in the knot.  If I’m feeling extra inspired I might include a nature-inspired picture as a backdrop behind the accents.  In my experience, this method of gift-wrapping tends to be the most appreciated.


DIY All the Way

Quite simply, you can buy any type of plain gift bag or wrapping paper and decorate it with just about anything. Make cutouts, use stamps, sprinkle pompoms.  Or you can elaborately decorate the gift tag by embroidering it, or hand-pressing a design into it.