When you Search for “Packaging Supplies”

The internet is a strange and wondrous thing.  If you haven’t gone to college to learn about all of the fancy words and sayings (like algorithm, optimization, canonical tags…) than the actual internet probably makes very little sense.  People like me see the 2D version of the internet, completely unaware of everything that goes on behind the scenes.  It turns out that the World Wide Wide is a complex system consisting of codes and equations and it takes a special set of people to be able to navigate it.  Like astronauts going to outer space.  Or explorers going deep under the surface of the earth.  The rest of us are certainly grateful for this “special set”, even if we don’t really know it, because they are the ones that make internet searches yield the appropriate results.  If it wasn’t for them, if we try to do a search for “packaging supplies” we might wind up getting results for trampolines, or Wal-Mart.  Basically, not what we are looking for.

The internet has revolutionized marketing and advertising for businesses.  You’ve still got your Mad Men type crew, the ones who draw up the ads and sell them to companies and all that jazz.  But things have gone further into the great unknown with the presence of the internet, and there are now people who don’t do any drawing whatsoever when it comes to advertising and marketing.  These are the people that know the difference between a 301 and a 302 and when it’s appropriate to use which, what and RSS feed is, and can readily decipher the meanings behind SERP and mozRank and CSS.  These are the people that type in codes and do some crazy magic so that when you type in “packaging supplies” you get results for packaging supplies, and local ones too, if need be!

It isn’t necessary to know everything when you start a company.  There is not a single business owner out there who can single-handedly keep the books, organize the stock, manage personnel, handle marketing, and design a website.  No way!  They are going to hire an accountant, and a marketing and advertising team, a website design company, and an SEO company.  All of it works together for the success of the company.  Missing out on search engine optimization simply because you don’t know how to do it is just a bad excuse.  Most of the business companies receive winds up coming in through the internet, so maximize it!