The “Can” in Candy Boxes

There are some people that are just plain hard to buy gifts for.  They usually have everything, or they don’t know how to enjoy what they already have.  Or they are blind, like my father-in-law, which makes 95% of what I would normally consider buying him completely obsolete.  It’s incredibly difficult to buy presents for a blind person.  Or boyfriends.  Boyfriends are really hard to buy gifts for because they aren’t quite men but they aren’t quite boys, so what do you get them?

This is when I think candy boxes has all the answers.  Because everyone eats candy, blind, young, old, rich, or poor.  They just do.

Candy Boxes

I have these three nephews, and they are fabulous little people but they are all boy!  They don’t actually play with toys because they are too busy fighting one another, and anything you do buy them winds up getting broken or sold for a fraction of the price in some middle-school black market.  My go-to gift idea for these delightful little fiends is a tackle box chock full of candy.  So first you buy a tackle box and about twelve to fifteen different kinds of candy.  Then you fill all of the little compartments with all different candies.  When you are done you will have these irresistible candy boxes laid out in front of you and you will want to dip in and have a bite from each of the spots, but you will stop yourself because you snacked on everything while you were making them and already feel guilty.

From licorice to Swedish fish to runts, the possibilities are just about endless.

When I have a birthday party for my own kids I like to have the guests decorate their own candy boxes, and then fill them from a veritable candy shop that I have set up specifically for this purpose.  Everybody knows that the bubbles and erasers and cheap yoyos that you put in goody bags for the kids to take home doesn’t impress anyone (especially not the parents).  Turn it into candy, and that’s a different story!  Even the parents won’t mind, I assure you.  Once they see a table piled high with bowls and bowls of candy that they can fill those custom candy boxes with, they won’t think twice.  Who cares about the sugar high that everyone will be suffering from later on!  You can always figure something out with candy, and that’s just a scientific fact.