Cardboard Boxes of Infamy Pt. 2

As continued from part one…

And so Trey found himself in the backyard shed of the distant cousin of one of his great-grandfather’s nephews.  The shed was piled high with cardboard boxes, and inserted with no pattern whatsoever were ones labelled “Augustus”, which was his great-grandfather’s name.  And were the ones he was after.  So, with not a little griping and moaning, and even some consideration of bailing on the research, Trey got to work extracting the right boxes, and then restacking all of the others.  By the time he had sifted through them all and, essentially, cleaned out the distant relative’s shed, it was getting on to dinner time.  He dropped down onto the grass and wiped the sweat off his brow with what he thought was as handkerchief and later discovered to be a really fuzzy leaf.  A fuzzy leaf that left a trail of itchy bumps across the top of his face.  But that wasn’t until later.

Cardboard Boxes

Trey began to go through the cardboard boxes, and most of the contents were either completely obscure and useless, or trash altogether.  However, there was one item that stood out to Trey, and it was a book labelled Dictionary.  Now, there is nothing about a dictionary that would seem to require any second thoughts whatsoever, but it was the fact that there were no other books, or papers with more than a couple scribbles of Augustus’ handwriting. A man that appeared to have no interest in reading or writing would surely not care about the correct spelling or pronunciation of any words.  Sure enough, Trey peeled back the front cover to this book titled “Dictionary” and found a compartment.  In the compartment was a tiny, silver handgun.  It didn’t take an expert to recognize that it was an old piece of equipment, and well worn.

Trey felt a little shiver go down his spine and come out his left big toe.  He looked up and scanned the other cardboard boxes before looking back down at the little pistol.  He was in a state of bewilderment.  Not really sure that he had actually discovered it, or that it hadn’t just been dropped into his lap by a bird passing by.  It was because it’s presence meant there might be some clout to the ridiculous story about how Augustus had been a pirate.  Or maybe it was the reason the whole story had been fabricated.  Whatever the case, Trey knew that he had to find out.