Improv Skit: Discount Packaging Supplies

I go to this club every weekend where they do improv comedy skits and I wind up laughing to tears every single time. They say that laughter is good for the soul and that has to be the truth, because I feel like colors are brighter, food tastes better, and there’s a new confidence inside of me. It’s kind of like being in love, I guess you could say, but it’s really just endorphins.

When you get to the club you can write a suggestion on a slip of paper and put it in the box and after every skit they will go into the box and pull out a suggestion. I wanted to think of something really hard, really challenging. I had been to the post office earlier in the day, and and for some reason “discount packaging supplies” popped in my mind. Now that would be hard. I don’t know how anyone could come up with funny material for that. So I wrote it down and put it in the box. Maybe I would get lucky.


I took a photo of the slip of paper and sent it on Snapchat and Instagram, and then I added a few hashtags: #comedyinthemaking, #lornemichaelsprotoge, #discountpackagingsupplies, #howcanthesebefunny, #letsseewhatyouvegot, #ivegotagoldenticket, #pickmepickmepickme… That kind of thing. I kept my phone primed and ready, with the video camera open at all times, and every time they pulled a suggestion from the box I started filming just in case they pulled mine out.

Lo and behold, the next I think knew, the guy was reading, “Discount packaging supplies…?” And then everyone was having a good laugh because of the way his voice trailed off at the end and how his face was like…whaaat? I was filming and laughing and later I put up the fifteen second clip of this part and added some more hashtags, including all of the originals: #nailedit, #copyrightinfringement, #hisfacewaslikewhaaaat, #ivebeendiscovered…

It was a really good skit. It lasted longer than all of the other ones, because somehow those people made discount packaging supplies really stinking hilarious. Everyone was loving it- just eating it up. We couldn’t stop laughing, and they were just going with it, just feeding off of us. I put as many fifteen second clips of the skit up as I could, which wound up being a lot, but it was worth it. My final hashtags really represented how I felt: #fiveminutesoffame, #icandiehappynow, #suggestionaddict, #bestnightofmylife.