Cardboard Boxes for Sale, Oh My

Saying “cardboard boxes for sale” makes me think of New York in the 1920s, when little boys in apple caps and suspenders were running around hollering, selling newspapers. Except I imagine a different scene, where the little boys don’t have newspapers under their arms, they have a stack of cardboard boxes. “Cardboard boxes for sale, here! Get your box for a buck!” they would shout at you as you passed. How convenient would that be? Pretty stinking convenient, if you ask me. Buying boxes at department stores, for resale prices, will just about break the bank.

And you always wind up needing more than you think you will need, so you always wind up spending more than you were planning on spending, and the whole thing begins to feel like a downward spiral. It would be really convenient if those people standing on the side of the road, the ones holding the signs, were actually selling cardboard boxes. I suppose that the next best thing is this website that has cardboard boxes for sale in bulk, at wholesale prices. It’s called, and it’s amazing. There are literally hundreds of sizes to choose from, and you can spend like twenty dollars on a bundle of fifteen or twenty.

So I guess we don’t really need little paper boys running around the streets, we can just go online and get what we need from You don’t even have to get out of your car! I mean, it doesn’t get much easier. And since the boxes come in bundles, you could buy a couple of different sizes and store them in the basement or the garage to keep on hand and be taking up very little space, which is a bonus. It’s really inconvenient to need a box and not have one around, and its just as inconvenient to try and stash old boxes because you either can’t break them down, or the integrity gets so compromised that when you go to use them you have very little hope of it making out to your car, forget about all of the way to Montana through the hustle and bustle of the United States Postal Service. I guess I’ll just stick to getting my boxes at, because I can also get the packaging tape, and I can even get a pack of garbage bags which I keep forgetting to get at the store.