Shipping Boxes for Sure

cardboard-boxes-whiteShipping boxes. Where would we be without them? We wouldn’t be shipping anything, that’s for sure. Which is sad to think about. Especially around the holiday season. I just sent off two boxes, and if we didn’t have shipping boxes I wouldn’t have been able to do that. In one of the boxes I sent off birthday presents and Christmas presents!

Thank goodness that my best friend and her boys all have their birthdays in the fall, so that I don’t have to worry about sending out two shipments. Ya feel me? They are in October, November, and December, so if I send something off in November it’s perfect. Thankfully, she does not expect a lot of hoopla and fanfare when it comes to presents or gifts of any kind, and we normally just send something small for the kids and as much as we can for each other. I really do love putting together a nice care package. I tend to buy stuff for her throughout the year, hoarding it until I’m ready to send it off.

I also sent a care package to my little sister who spent forty-four days in jail. Yup, it’s true. Forty-four days in the slammer. My baby sister. Thankfully she is so far beyond what put her there in the first place, but even though the incident was months and months ago she still wound up having to serve time thanks to the priorities of the judicial system. Can’t really blame them.

I mean, they are probably processing people and their poor choices all day every day, and so if my sister’s hearing lands six months after the crime, what are you going to do? But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that when it came to sending my sister a care package I need shipping boxes! Or at least one. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to express how proud of her I am. It’s easy to say it, sure, but it really meant a lot to her to get back to her apartment and to see how much I care.

That’s really what it comes down to. Shipping boxes open up a whole world of gesture-making. We can say “happy birthday” and “merry Christmas” and “welcome back” like never before. We have the luxury of accumulating all this great stuff that we know would make our loved ones smile and save it for one day, when we can tuck it all in a box, and it send it their way. Then, the even cooler thing is when we get a text: Got the box! LOVED it!! THANKS and XOXO!