The World of Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes opened up the whole world for people. They really did. Do you remember how everything used to be wrapped up in newspaper? Or packaged in wooden crates with straw? Well, of course you don’t remember. I don’t either. That was a long time ago. But then cardboard came in! Pressed paper, if you will. In the 1700s suddenly people were walking around with delicate boxes containing their new hat or chocolate truffles.

It really started to change things. Because then corrugated cardboard was introduced. Obviously, using the one-layered pressed paper boxes for for anything other than a fashion statement or decadent bribe would be impossible. You probably couldn’t even put a single book in one of those things and expect it to hold up. So, in the 1800s, a particular genius came up with corrugated cardboard, which I’ve talked at length about before, but will give you a very brief overview of here: a piece of pressboard, a rippled piece of pressboard, and another piece of pressboard. All glued together, like a sandwich. And then folded to make a cube, and presto! From there, the world of custom shipping boxes was born.

After all, once a sturdy enough cardboard was made, people began to consider all of the uses they could get from it, and they began to daydream about the different styles of boxes they would need. Getting the right formula down was the hard part. Manipulating said formula into the most fitting combination was the fun part. The really fabulous thing is that you can find your custom shipping boxes at for wholesale prices. Even better than that: there’s no way you could click away from that website without having found exactly what you were looking for.

I know. I’ve seen just about every product they have, thousands and thousands of products, and there isn’t anything missing. Any size you could want; any style you could want. They even offer the exact same box in brown (called kraft), or in white for if you want a really professional appearance. I mean, who would have thought of that? I would probably just be mailing all my stuff off in a regular box, never thinking about the appearance. But is right!

If I mail something in a white box, it gives the impression that I am concerned with neatness, and cleanliness. That might sound totally ridiculous, but it’s really pretty true. Somehow it just is. It turns out that custom shipping boxes really is it’s kind of universe.