Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is a very interesting subject. You might think I’m just being ridiculous, but maybe you should hear me out. I mean, have you ever really talked about packaging tape? Like really sat down and had a heart to heart about it? Because it turns out that there’s a heck of a lot to talk about. If you just go to and look up packaging tape you will find a massive amount of options.

You may not think that seventeen options is a massive amount, but when you’re talking about something like packaging tape that really is. For instance, I had no idea that there even any options at all. Like maybe I knew that there was duct tape, and scotch tape, and that tan colored tape (what’s it called again?), but other than that, I mean, who knew? To rattle off a few: flatback tape, gummed tape, filament tape, black strapping tape. This is for real! I can’t make this stuff up. So then if you select these options, you can find out more about them. What is flatback tape? Well, flatback tape is a kind of packaging tape that is a kind of paper tape.

Packaging Tape

It can also be called paper tape. Which reminds me that the tan colored tape is called masking tape, which is a less sturdy version of flatback tape. Flatback tape is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and is completely easy to tear by hand since it is like paper. The deal with gummed tape is that it is pilfer proof, which apparently means that it makes it harder to break into your packages. You can get it non-fortified but you can also get it reinforced and even heavy duty reinforced (fiberglass yarn is woven into the tape). Mentioning yarn probably rang a bell for you.

You are probably remembering trying to rip a piece of tape that became a mess of sticky and string. And you probably about strangled your fingers at the same time. There is even a special kind of gummed tape for the box manufacturing industry, which is meant for the inner joints of the corrugated boxes. There is gummed tape made out of recycled material, which we call “eco friendly” in this day and age. There is the option to get your logo printed on the gummed tape, and they even come with fancy shmancy dispensers that have all sorts of bells and whistles.

See? I didn’t even get to the other kinds of packaging tape that I mentioned! Forget about the ones I didn’t even get a chance to list. This is how interested packaging tape can be.