Stretch Film Rolls, Part Two

Last time we talked about shrink wrap and food grade stretch film wrap. I mentioned that there were six categories under stretch film rolls at, so that leaves four more for us to go over.

Let’s see now…where were we?

24Ah, yes. Poly sheeting. The scary stuff. I call it the scary stuff because it reminds me of that tv show about the serial killer who wrapped everything and everybody up in plastic, and this must have been the stuff he used. These are giant sheets of plastic. Like twelve feet wide and two hundred feet long. If you wouldn’t use them to protect your crime scene you would probably use them to protect your construction site. They even come in three different thicknesses, and in clear or black.

Moving on from the cold chills and heebie-jeebies, let’s enter the deliberately friendly world of gift basket film. This is still in the family of stretch film rolls because, even though it isn’t stretchy, it is still a film. It comes in nice crunchy sheets that you can use to wrap an entire gift basket up with, and tie with a nice big bow, or you can cut smaller pieces and use it to stuff the inside of gifts bags. You can go with clear, or colored (blue, lavender, or red).

Have you ever heard of poly tubing? This is my favorite member in the stretch film rolls family. It is what it sounds like: a tube of poly sheeting that comes on a roll. If you are doing a lot of sealing products but have varying sizes, you might want to consider poly tubing, because you can cut a length long enough for one t-shirt or you can cut a length long enough for twenty t-shirts. The standard poly tubing comes in multiple sizes and thickness, and you can even get the anti-static kind. If you are going to be working with poly tubing I would recommend not scrimping on the dispenser. You are much more likely to get a better seal and a cleaner look if you use it. provides these, and also the heat sealers.

Last, but certainly not least, is the most obvious type of stretch film rolls, which is the actual stretch film wrap. Machine grade, colored, small or large, the dispenser or the kind with the extended core to hold onto, there is no shortage of variety or option. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the stretch film cutter. Trying to cut this stuff with scissors is a giant pain in the batoot.