Stretch Film Rolls, Part One

At there are six different options when you search for stretch film rolls. Perhaps they aren’t all stretchy, and they might not all be on a roll, but they all fit the general qualification for being a film.

You know how you’ve been wanting to make that self-produced CD look at lot more legit? Because, let’s face it, an unwrapped CD just screams “lame”. After spending all that money on studio hours and hiring back-up trumpets, making a label, burning copies, and all of the above, why not just go that teensy eensy extra bit and wrap those babies up? This is what shrink film is good for, and that is one of your options at

Stretch Film Rolls

I won’t get into the ginormous rolls, because those are not what you are looking for in this situation, but consider instead the shrink bag kit. This handy collection comes with a a sealer, a heat gun, and five-hundred bags, six by eleven inches. You can go with an eight inch sealer, a twelve inch sealer, or a sixteen inch sealer. The bottom line is: you are going to need a sealer. This is what melts the send of the bag, locking that product inside. You will also need a heat gun.

Do not try to substitute with a hair dryer! I repeat, do not try to substitute with a hair dryer? Do you catch my drift? The heat gun is what will actually cause the plastic to shrink around the product. The kit only comes with one size of bag, but other sizes are available bought separately, from super cute to serious business (AKA four by six up to eighteen by twenty-four).

Consider food service stretch film rolls. This is an industrial way of saying “saran wrap”. These rolls come in four different lengths, between one foot and two feet, and each box holds two thousand feet. The box comes with the typical cutter bar, and this one actually works. If you are thinking something long-term you might want to consider the reusable dispenser, which is made from heavy duty plastic that is convenient to dispense from, because you don’t have to try to stabilize the container while simultaneously removing the film and trying to keep it from clinging to itself (that’s the worst). The reusable dispenser sits firmly while you finagle the wrap, and there are refill rolls to replenish with ease.

More types of stretch film rolls in part two…