Packaging Tape is Not Just for Packaging

By this point you may know me well enough to know that when I start talking about a product I’m going to be talking about how much more it is than what it really is. This might not seem like it makes sense but it really does. For instance: packaging tape. When I say “packaging tape” I am really just referring to the rather enormous world of tape in general, and how all tape is technically for packaging but all tape actually has an individual use as well.

Packaging Tape This is why you should not shrug off my suggestion when I tell you to buy your tape at Because it does apply to you! You probably wouldn’t just guess that there are actually seventeen different kinds of tape at, and each kind has a selection of sizes, strengths, and whatnot. So when you think that packaging tape doesn’t apply to your specific needs, think again.

For instance: gaffers tape. And no, I’m not making fun of you. Just like the website says “gaffers tape makes the ideal stage tape”. This is what you want for your travelling band, or your trade show booth. In no way should you be tripping over your microphone cord while trying to lay down a face-melting electric guitar solo, forever cursing your courageous little group as a joke. Maybe this is why it’s called gaffers tape; because if you don’t use it you could wind up being a laughing stock. How bad would that suck?

Here you are, trying your hardest to make it big, and with one false move of your Chuck Taylor high-top it all comes crashing down. Literally. Let’s just hope you don’t have to get any band equipment surgically removed. So don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Gaffer’s tape, even starving artists can afford it from And no, you can’t just use duct tape instead.

What I’m talking about is premium grade, cloth tape, for easy application and easy removal. As starving artists you would definitely not be able to afford the bill from leaving sticky trails of duct tape gum all over upon your departure. The point is to get paid for playing, not to hand out cash everywhere you go. This is best accomplished by doing things the right way and sometimes that means gaffers tape; or, more generally, packaging tape.