What Stretch Film Wrap Can Do For You

The first thing I think of when I hear “stretch film wrap” is Dexter. Dexter the show, about Dexter the guy who goes around killing people vigilante style. His murder lab is never in the same place twice, and it is absolutely fortified by plastic on plastic on plastic. The whole vicinity is draped in poly sheeting, like the heavy duty plastic that is an economical alternative to things like drop cloths. And then the victim is wrapped up on the table in giant stretch wrap. It’s awful. It’s gruesome. I had to stop watching the show. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it right now because it’s not very professional. Although Dexter would definitely beg to differ. He was about as professional at it as humanly possible, or should I say as Hollywood as possible, which means that no one could ever accomplish what Dexter accomplished.

Stretch Film Wrap

In case you didn’t want to associate stretch film wrap with murder, which I’m sure you don’t, feel free to associate it with the American dream. If you own a business, stretch film wrap is going to wind up coming in handy for you. It can come in different colors, for the more adventurous types, or just clear. PackagingSupplies.com carries the dispenser, which you will surely need if you plan on handling this stuff. Unless you get the actual food grade wrap, the rest of it is so large that some terrible accident is bound to happen if handled incorrectly, and people will think that there is a Dexter wanna-be out there. Sorry. I forgot I wasn’t supposed to talk about him.

Back to stretch film wrap.

If you think even the big stuff is for sissies, there is machine grade for your type. As you can guess, this is so huge that it needs a machine to operate it. (Wait for it… Wait for it… “That’s what she said!”. Man. What is wrong with me today? It must be the full moon). But as far as the machine grade stretch film wrap, this is absolutely what you want to wrap pallets with. Pallets with boxes stacked on them, that is. It would be pointless to just wrap up pallets. This way nothing shifts or falls in transit. As they always say, “If you want to protect it, wrap it up!”

Wait for it…