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The Evolution of Industry-Leading Materials and Items

Since the dawn of time, humanity has always had a way of getting a message or even a gift to other people long distances. Whether it’s through word of mouth and a runner who traveled long distances, someone on horseback to get somewhere farther away even quicker, or even machinery that creates parcels and other machinery that carries them across the world, we’ve always had something in place in order to send messages and packages long distances.

So when you stop to think about how shipping boxes are the current “best” option for packages in today’s shipping standards, it really makes you wonder what the next step is. I mean, really, if something as simple as a cardboard box is the best we have, what’s the next rung up? What’s the next evolution in the shipping industry that will change the world? Will it be a new material that is even lighter and sturdier than cardboard? Will that material take too much money to produce or too much time in comparison to cardboard? Will it be as environmentally friendly and recyclable as cardboard?

There are a lot of questions surrounding the future of packaging and shipping, but the reality is that right now, shipping boxes are the best at what they do. So until we discover a way to refine those boxes or create something entirely new, everything is good where it’s at.

And when you think about the evolution of things, they only need to change when change is needed. When pressure is put on someone, something, or some being, things begin changing and that person or thing adapts accordingly. As of right now, there’s nothing better than cardboard in terms of how cheap it is, how sustainable it is, and how lightweight and strong it is. Once the next material just happens upon humanity, I’m sure we’ll adopt it slowly into shipping until it just makes sense to mass produce in favor of cardboard. But until then, cardboard will likely reign supreme for many years to come.

What’re some other items or materials you can think of that are the “best” at what they do currently and simply don’t have any competition to dethrone them? I can think of a few off the top of my head, but one that stands out for sure is the iPhone. Currently, there is nothing “more advanced” or “better” than the iPhone, even if it was considered luxury. It is the bar and always has been the bar for smartphones. Even if Google phones and Samsung phones are on par, they aren’t ever strictly better. I’m just curious to see what happens when the iPhone becomes obsolete when the next piece of technology comes out and blows it away for good.

When will that be and what will it be?

Tips for Packing Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost upon us! That means many of us will be shipping gifts far and wide as we send presents to our friends and relatives. The last thing any of us would want would be for our hand picked gifts to arrive broken or damaged. Here’s some tips for packaging your gifts in a way that ensure they arrive safe and sound.

1) Choosing your shipping boxes.

The best rule of thumb is that the box you use should be the smallest possible box that still fits your item. The larger the box, the more likely your gift is to shift and shake during transportation. And the more shaking, the more likely there will be damage. Additionally, using the smallest box possible will also cut down on your shipping costs! Some mail providers even have boxes of various sizes with a flat shipping cost, no matter how much the box weighs.

2) Choosing a filler.

Even if you choose a small shipping boxes, it’s unlikely that your item will fit perfectly. There will probably be some areas of empty space. It’s important to fill this empty space up using a cheap, light filler. In a pinch, balled up newspaper will do the trick, but there are also other options like bubble wrap. Crinkle cut paper strips can be a great way to add some filler to a box, while also making your gift look inviting and festive. You can typically find crinkle cut paper at a local craft store. Regardless of what you use, fill the box as tightly as you reasonably can. Having tightly packed filler will also prevent your gift from shifting around in the box during transport.

3) Tape.

You know how they say the more the merrier? That’s totally true with tape too. Tape keeps your package closed during its journey and so it’s best to use a lot of it. Admittedly, your gift recipient may be a bit annoyed at the amount of work they have to go through to get to your gift, but better to have it arrive safe than damaged!

4) Insurance.

When you send your package, most places will ask you if you’d like to add insurance to your shipping. Really, this is up to you. But, if you’re sending an expensive gift, adding insurance can ensure that, if your package ends up damaged or lost, you’ll be compensated accordingly.

Hopefully, following these four tips will make sure that all of your Christmas gifts make it to their intended recipients safe and sound!

Making Sending Parcels Economical by Cost Effective Packaging

Packing a gift or parcel correctly will help you save on the cost of mailing the parcel. Shipping a parcel can be expensive. The cost of shipping a parcel weighing 1-2 pounds is about $7. The number of parcels delivered by FedEx and UPS combined is about 32 million. Packing a parcel correctly can help reduce the cost of shipping. You can reduce the cost of shipping a small parcel containing a birthday gift or large parcels containing products to be sent to customers by cost effective packaging.

You should choose the method of packing and shipping according to the product. Shipping costs of heavier objects are more than lighter ones. If you are planning to send media related items like DVDs, manuscripts or sound recordings, the US Postal Service offers an affordable media mail service. The media mail service of the USPS is intended for those who plan to send media related or educational items.

One effective method of reducing shipping costs is to use a cheap and good box of a correct size. You can buy cheap packing boxes and cut them according to the size of the object you plan to send. The Goldilocks principle of ‘Just Right’ should be used when choosing or cutting the size of the box. A box that is too small will not protect the object you plan to send and if the box is too big, you will need to unnecessarily fill empty space with packaging material. Sending a large box is expensive as compared to sending a box that is just right.

Another mistake that one makes while packing is over packing. In your attempt to protect the object, you may over use bubble wrap or packing paper or peanuts. This will make the parcel heavy and you will increase your shipping costs. A few layers of packing material are enough to protect delicate items like a watch.

The smaller the package, the cheaper the shipping should be your guiding principle while packing parcels. Packing intelligently is the key to saving money. If you plan to mail a shirt, you will make your parcel heavy by packing the shirt in a box. Folding the shirt into a small bundle and placing it in a packing padded envelope will reduce weight and save shipping costs.
Sometimes you may not get a box of the size that is just right. When this happens you should get cheap moving boxes and cut them to the size that is just right. By cutting these boxes, you can pack the object in durable material that will keep the contents safe while you save on shipping costs.

You need to make a choice of a carrier that suits your needs. Shipping and mailing companies help customers find the correct carrier to help with their shipping needs. Different carriers are suitable for different types and sizes of parcels. Companies that focus on finding the best carrier for their customers help reduce the shipping costs for their customers considerably.
Finding a company that offers carrier solutions for shipping goods can help you save carrier costs. These companies find the best carrier that suits the needs of customers. They also find the most cost effective among carriers for the type of parcel content and the size of the parcel.

Items That Are Forgotten When Changing Houses

Moving from one place to another can be an exciting exercise. However, it can also turn out to be tedious, and this leads to forgetting some of the crucial items especially when they are many. Mostly, large items such as television sets and sofas cannot be easily forgotten. This is primarily because of their size. Smaller items are however prone to be left behind, and the user may have to spend again in purchasing these stuff. The following are some of the things that most people tend to forget when changing houses:

1. Prescription medicines
Medicines are effective when they are taken according to the doctor’s prescription. There are types such as aspirin and ibuprofen that are taken when the user is in pain. The doctor administers others, and they should be sequentially taken to ensure that they cure the targeted ailment. At many times, medicines tend to be forgotten when moving from one house to the other. This is mainly because medicines are usually stored in cabinets, unlike other items that are in the open space. You should ensure that you carry your prescription drugs with you as their importance cannot be overemphasized. To eliminate forgetfulness, consider placing them and other small sized things in cheap moving boxes that can be readily purchased at the retail shops.

2. Crucial documents
Documents are also prone to be left behind when changing houses. This can lead to a disastrous outcome as retrieving all the documents can be very expensive as well as time-consuming. Some of the papers that most people forget behind include driving licenses, legal documents, and medical records. When moving it is advisable to organize all your documents beforehand and place them in moving boxes. Having a checklist whereby you tick all the items that you have packed is advantageous in eliminating the chances of leaving documents behind.

3. Things that are in storage areas
When moving, many people tend to concentrate on the items that are inside the house and ignore the storage areas. This at many times leads to some crucial items being left behind. This can be avoided by removing these items from the storage zone and placing them in the packaging area. Also, after packing all the things, you should countercheck the storage areas. This ensures that there’s nothing significant that is left behind. Again, some people have external stores away from the house. It is advisable to bring items in such stores near the home.

4. Loaned out items
People usually borrow items from their neighbors. Such things include books, DVDs, and skating shoes. Mostly when moving to a new place, it is easy to forget these items that are with friends. When one intends to move to a place that is close to where they used to live, this is not a big issue as the items can be easily recovered. However, when migrating to a new country, it may be difficult ever to get those items back again. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a right track of the items that you may have given out before changing houses.

5. Clothes at the dry cleaner
Usually, when changing homes, people tend to pay little focus on what is outside the house. This leads to leaving items such as clothes at the dry cleaner behind. You should avoid taking clothes and other items out of the house during this period to minimize the chances of them being left behind.

7 Tips to Make Your Summer Move a Good Move

Summer is peak moving season. Of the 19 million people moving to new homes each year, 2.5 million will move during the summer. Here are tips that will help make your summer move a good one.

Tip #1: Move Early in the Morning

The best time of day to move is in the morning to avoid the sweltering heat of the summer day. You should schedule your move so that you are finishing up when the heat has reached its peak. Excessive physical activity in the heat can be dangerous and can result in a heat stroke.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Move Well in Advance

You should give yourself enough time to research the best and most reputable movers in your area. The most reputable movers schedule moves well in advance especially during the summer season. Some movers will offer a discount for early bookings.

Tip #3: Sell Unwanted Belongings

Selling your unwanted belongings can reduce the number of items packed and moved. You should hold a garage sale well before your scheduled move date to eliminate transferring junk to your new home. You can save money because you are moving less property. In addition, you will earn a couple of bucks that can be used to help finance your move.

Tip #4: Pack for Efficiency

Summer moves need to be as swift and organized as possible. You should start packing as soon as you know you’re moving date. Cheap moving boxes and packing supplies can be obtained at a discount to save you money. Label each box with the name of the room the movers should put the box in your new home. Using a sharpie, mark the labels so that the handwriting is clear and legible. How well you pack is an indication of how organized the move will be.

Tip #5: Close Utilities the Day after the Move 

Closing out your electricity and air conditioning should be scheduled the day after your move. Movers will be more efficient, safer, and effective when your home is cool and comfortable from proper air conditioning temperatures. The electricity and water should be on to help facilitate and use resources requiring electricity and water.

Tip #6: Pack a Cooler for Moving Day 

Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Stay well-fed. It is best to pack one or two large coolers that your family can access on moving day. Along with plenty of ice, the coolers should contain water bottles, snacks, and sandwiches. The coolers should contain everything you need to drink and eat during the move. Don’t forget to buy extra water to offer your movers to help keep them hydrated.

Tip #7: Dress Accordingly

Stay cool on a hot sweltering summer day by dressing in light loose-fitting clothes. Layer your look so that as the day and heat progresses, you can easily remove a layer. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to protect you from the sun.

Summer moves can be the most enjoyable moves you can make. The kids are out of school, you have scheduled vacation time off, movers have seasonal discounts and the weather is agreeable. If you follow the above tips, your summer move goes smoothly and will be less stressful.

Reduces Those Small Business Shipping Costs

Running any small business comes with a daily list of stresses and decisions. Without the well-developed network and infrastructure of bigger competitors, the little guys are left to go it alone. Something every business must contend with, big or small, no matter the industry, is shipping costs. A small business’s bottom line can be significantly affected by the simple act of shipping boxes. Your merchandise is your business, and getting it into the hands of paying customers, quickly and securely, is highly important to your success. In order to remove the stresses and burdens of shipping, it is vital that any business owner plan ahead and consider the following factors.

Organize Around Common Shipments
All the big shipping providers, the United States Post Office, FedEx, UPS, or DHL, retain the services of a small-business specialist, so make use of this important contact. The specialist can help you align their fees and service requirements with the shipping needs of your business, including modes of transport and timing of deliveries. Business owners that work closely with their shipping providers can save upwards of 40 percent on shipping fees, each year.

Clarify Customer Charge-Backs
With any business, big or small, sometimes the customer pays for shipping and sometimes the business fronts this cost. What is important is to formalize the shipping rules and make them readily available to customers and staff alike. If, for instance, your company pays standard shipping, but customers cover any expedited costs, make sure that customers are aware of, and agree to, this policy.

Put the Postage Meter to Work
Having a postage meter on hand is, of course, an added cost, but it is still estimated that leasing one of these machines, for as little as $20 a month, can save more than 20 percent each year in shipping costs. These easy-to-use machines, with a scale attached, eliminate over-paying for postage, and the hassle, time, and cost of regular trips to your shipping company’s offices.

Consolidate Where You Can
This is a common practice, particularly with smaller businesses, where companies that frequently ship amounts smaller than a full truckload, work with a freight consolidation service to combine shipments with those of other companies. The cheapest method is to have a full truckload of merchandise, but that can’t always be the case, so be sure to utilize this option when needed.

Keep Tabs on Your Carrier
This should be obvious, but it goes without saying, work with your carrier to make sure pickups, deliveries, customer service response times, online tracking, and deadlines are being met. When issues do arise, address them and don’t be afraid to shop around to competitors. Hand in hand with this, is to keep in contact with your customers and make sure they are receiving their shipments when and where the carriers say they are.

There’s no reason to make the running and operating of a small business any more stressful than it needs to be. Every business will need to ship and receive items at some point, so put a framework in place to make sure you are getting the best value for you money, and make shipping boxes one less stress on the list, and one more component in your success.

Don’t Forget these when you Move

Congratulations on your new home! You signed the contracts and are ready to move in. Here comes the next step. You must get your possessions to your new home. There are many things involved in moving. You should consider the following to ensure a less stressful move.


You would do well to prepare everything before you begin packing. Have enough shipping boxes in various sizes to fulfill your varied needs. Books, cast-iron pans, or glassware are heavy. Use smaller boxes to not overexert movers. For lightweight items like children’s stuffed animals and blankets, use larger boxes to consolidate.

Avoid waiting until the last minute. Plan to eat takeout the last day in your old home and pack away all the dishes, pots, and utensils. Have a suitcase with one set of clothes per person and soap, shampoo, and towels. Don’t forget a plastic sack to put wet towels in!

Label Every Box

Labels are important. When your boxes are empty, you just want them packed, taped, and stacked for the move. When you get to your new home, help movers know where boxes should go. Label each shipping box with the room it will go into. Put the destination and partial contents on two sides and the top to ensure visibility and quick response.

Label bedrooms and bathrooms in your new home, too. Tack a paper labelling bedrooms, or Bath 1 and Bath 2, will guide the mover to put your boxes just where they need to go. Give movers a tour to speed things up. Don’t forget your delicate items. The word fragile tells movers to not put that box under one labelled ‘books’.


You have furniture to move. Remember that it has been in one place for a long time. Sofas and chairs are moved easier, but tables and dressers are not as forgiving. Table legs may loosen through time and you don’t realize it until the mover picks up the table and a leg wiggles off. Dressers are just as unforgiving. If you thought dresser drawers are a good place to pack fragile items, think again. The drawers are not designed for things heavier than clothes and may bottom-out when moved. The dresser, itself, may have feet or legs, like the table, that have loosened with time and fall off.


Moving trucks are big. Ensure that you secure a parking spot at the origin and the destination. The parking spot should have clear access and the straightest route that you can accomplish. Many locations will allow you to reserve a parking spot. You are responsible for providing the moving truck with a place to park. In addition, be sure the truck is in a legal parking area. If the movers get a ticket, the fine is the customer’s responsibility.

Transporting Items

If your new or current home is on a second or higher floor, work with building management to secure access to a freight elevator, or reserve the necessary time to have free access to an elevator. Movers are on strict timelines and waiting for an elevator may put them behind schedule. You will be responsible for any additional charges they may require.

Moving is a time-consuming process that can be easy or overwhelming. Knowing small things you can do to improve the process will help all involved in the move and give everyone a chance to work smart, not hard.

How to Hire The Best Professional Movers

Certainly, moving to a new home is stressful. Most people would like a smooth move to their new home without any hassle. Consequently, they might decide to hire a professional moving company. Of course, taking the DIY route would take time and you require the right supplies to make the move. So, you think about the moving truck, cheap moving boxes, and other supplies required and start to shake your head. Perhaps, hiring a professional mover is the best for your back and your wallet. Here are tips on hiring the right professional movers.

First, it is important to sit down with your family and discuss moving. Go over the pro’s and con’s associated with hiring a professional moving company. Is it within your budget? Could you handle the move for less? Are you moving long distance or short distance? Are there time constraints involved? Are some items to heavy to lift without professional movers help? This should help remove any apprehension over the move.

The Cost
The next step is determining the cost for your move to a new location. It is also important to remember that in order to get a true picture of the cost, the movers must come to your home and review the items involved with the move. This will give the movers or their representative enough information to estimate the cost of the move. Remember, it is only an estimate. Other factors might occur that raise the price.

Get The Best Deal
Of course, you would like to save as much money as possible on the move. Therefore, don’t settle for just one quote from one professional moving company. Try to get multiple quotes from professional movers in your location. The moving business is very competitive and some might offer you a really good deal to get your business. Don’t just settle for the best deal. Check out the company background and history before hiring the moving company.

Home Survey
You might contact a mover via email or over the telephone. Since the mover would like to reel you in quick and get your business, they give you a quote over the telephone or through email. Here is a warning. Don’t fall for this con. Any estimate that the company gives you in this manner is not a true or accurate estimate. Legitimate, professional movers will visit your home and survey the items in the move. This is the only way to give the customer a true estimate.

Warning Signs
A lot of con artist or rogue movers are looking for victims to cheat. Don’t become a victim. Watch out for movers that refuse to come to your home and give you an estimate. This is a definite red flag. Watch out for movers that low ball all the other quotes you’ve received. Remember, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is not worth the effort. This tactic is common among deceptive movers that raise the price later.

Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to research online and find out more about a moving company. Sources like the U.S. Department of Transportation, American Moving and Storage Organization, and the Better Business Bureau are good starting points to research a moving company.

More Tips
Ask your selected moving company if they carry moving insurance. In addition, don’t just settle for the estimate. Try haggling for a lower price. Don’t be afraid to question the company about the move too. For example, do you supply cheap moving boxes, moving supplies?

Why you Need Shipping Boxes for Ideal Packaging

Utilizing excellent equipment when shipping products helps one a great deal especially when packaging. Whether you are shipping a gift to a friend or some package for your clients, shipping boxes will come in handy. While at it, remember how you pack your boxes determines the safety of your valuables. As such, you have a responsibility to source for a good tape, corrugated cartons, and a flexible padded material to protect your items from any damage. You should not worry about anything because the use of these boxes has already become prevalent to the point of getting used when transporting fragile items like glass, bottles, kitchenware, among other goods. Goods on transit always reach their recipients in perfect shape when wrapped in the said shipping cartons.

Some of the Common Valuables Shipped in Boxes

It is relevant for you to know some of the commodities already being moved in the shipping cartons. To begin with, you will be impressed to hear about the electronics industry embracing this shipping strategy. They transmit their laptops and monitors in those boxes, and it has proved to have a modest degree of safety for their products, which has made them embrace it even more. Forestry materials are also packed in the cartons even when being shipped in bulk. The exceptional thing about them is that they are available in a medley of sizes and accommodate even massive systems. The art dealers are also beneficiaries, where they ferry their artifacts in the major customized boxes. Even if your art piece bears the standard dimensions, all you need is to request for matching boxes.


How to Securely Dispatch Your Goods in Shipping Boxes

As it is, you start by assembling your carton nicely using stables or a tape. What you use depends on the weight of your valuables. If your parcel is heavy, consider overlapping several strips of the sticky tape to make the bottom firm. After that, you then place your goods inside the box. Ensure that no space is left when ferrying brittle products. In such a case, it is expedient that you fill up that space with an inexpensive material that will not add so much weight. The material acts as a shielding factor, and after it, you should close the flaps and run several strips of tape across to increase your parcel’s safety. From this point, you should then devote some time to address the package clearly. As it is, the recipient’s address should be at the midpoint of the box, and that of the sender on the top left corner.

Significance of Using Shipping Cartons

Most importantly is that these materials are available in different sizes and colors. People are also using them when moving because various colors can be used to differentiate the rooms each box belongs to. Gone are those traditional days when people could borrow used boxes from the distributors and get frustrated when attempting to wrap their goods. Today high-quality companies are specializing in the boxes and offer the very best. Most of them are available in high standard, assuring you of the safety of your valuables in transit. If you haven’t joined the trend, it is about time you did to enjoy the benefits these shipping boxes tag along. It is a technology to embrace for a flawless moving process and shipping of items.

How To Package Boxes For Your Small Business

You may use shipping boxes to ensure that you have the proper protection for everything you send. Your customers expect your products to arrive unharmed, and they will see something beautiful unfurled when you use shipping boxes in the correct manner. This article explains how someone may use boxes to keep their business efficient, and you will learn quite a lot about how to package and ship boxes using this process.

#1: How Large Is The Box?

The box that is used to ensure you are shipping properly must be the right size, and you will find that there are a number of different boxes you must keep on-hand to package shipments. Someone who wishes to save money on their boxes may buy in bulk, and it is much easier for you to organize your shipments based on the size of the box. You may not realize how easy it is to choose the proper box when you have a large set of boxes sitting in your office.

#2: How Heavy Is The Box?

The box that you are using must be the right thickness, and you will find that there are many heavy boxes that were made for heavy loads. You may choose something that is corrugatged, and you may choose something that has perhaps a weave. You will begin to notice how much each box will carry, and you will feel different about the shipments when you know that they will not fall from the boxes as they are shipped.

#3: How Are The Boxes Marked?

You may purchase boxes that tell you which end is up or that the package is fragile. The markings on the box are quite important, and they are an important part of your shipping program. You want to know that the boxes tell a story when someone is handling them, and you may choose a box that has a slot for the address label you will use. You may choose boxes that are easy to mark, and you may decorate the boxes if you like.

#4: Designer Boxes

You may use designer boxes to ensure that your box will look great when it arrives at your customer’s address, and you will feel as though you are creating a style for your business that is uniquely your own. You must take these steps because you have no other way to make your packages look different from any other. You may have the boxes marked with your name and logo, and you may put a permanent return address on the boxes.

#5: Supplies

You may purchase a number of supplies to use with your boxes, and you will find that each of them will make the shipping process easier. You will save yourself quite a lot of time and energy when you are using a new set of supplies, and you may choose tapes or labels that are easier to use. Your life will become much simpler, and you will avoid problems that include the loss of packages or damage to what is inside.

Everyone who is working in business must send products to their customers in boxes, and you may purchase a number of boxes that are helpful to you. You will save yourself quite a lot of time, and you will protect your products.