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Benefits of Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch wrap is a big part of shipping products to stores on tall pallets. Pallets usually have to be wrapped up again after being worked at the store to stock shelves. This can be a time consuming and costly process since the employees have to do it by hand and may use more wrap than what they need to. This can lead to tired employees and possibly improperly wrapped pallets. What can be done about this? A stretch wrap machine may be the perfect answer.

The initial cost may be expensive, however the money saved can allow the machine to pay for itself over time. Ranging from 5k – 10k may seem like a lot of money to spend on a piece of equipment that does such a simple job but it can save money and energy. Workers can’t get the stretch wrap to reach it’s full potential and that can get costly since they are then using more than what is needed to wrap pallets. What a stretch wrap machine will do is use less of the wrap while still securing the stack of product securely. The machine will also wrap faster than what one can do by hand. This would save time for other tasks!

Allowing the machine to do the wrapping will also reduce product loss. An improperly wrapped stack of product can fall over or individual products may become lose and slip past the plastic. Quality plastics will also continue to stretch to max potential. If the wrap didn’t reach full potential while being secured initially, products may stretch out the plastic and cause product loss.

Worker energy and efficiency will also increase with having a stretch wrap machine. Wrapping a large pallet isn’t easy. It takes a lot of energy and a toll on the back. By investing in a wrap machine, this allows workers to complete other tasks while the machine wraps the pallet. Workers could also prepare the next pallet to get wrapped while the machine works on one itself. This could also reduce labor costs since more work will be getting completed faster!

Finally, tall pallets will be able to get wrapped as well. This will reduce the number of pallets that would need to get put away after stocking and reduce the cost of wrap since you could put more on one instead of multiple. The average person can not safely wrap a pallet over about 6 feet tall. The wrap machine would be able to safely wrap pallets that are taller than the person who would be doing the work otherwise.

If your business wraps many pallets a week and you have to spend a lot of time wrapping them back up after stocking, it may be very beneficial to invest in a stretch wrap machine. Of course, the initial cost isn’t great, but over time it will pay for itself. The machine will reduce product loss, employee cost, and cost of the wrap itself since you will be using less. Employees will be able to accomplish more work since they won’t be stuck wrapping pallets that they are done with. The option to build taller pallets will also reduce the cost of wrap because you will be wrapping less over all pallets! What’s better than saving money and accomplishing more tasks during the day? A stretch wrap machine may be a budgeting hero for your company!


Stretch Wrap Dispensers are a Must

If you deal with stretch wrap then odds are that you deal with the stretch wrap dispensers. If you don’t, let me give you a few reasons for why you should (just keep in mind that they aren’t listed in order of most to least important, because they are all equally important). And now, reasons why stretch wrap dispensers are a must:

  • There are many different sizes. Just because you use a certain kind of stretch wrap doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a dispenser. El contrare! There are actually stretch wrap dispensers for mini stretch wrap, the bigger ones are adjustable, and they even have a dispenser for bundling wrap. Also, there is an extended handle which allows for packaging and bundling taller loads, and it also eliminates the need to bend over when wrapping the bottom of the load.


  • Using stretch wrap dispensers offers a tighter wrap, and that’s exactly what you want. When wrapping or bundling by hand you are susceptible to hand fatigue and just awkwardness in general. Those stretch wrap rolls are pretty stinking heavy, and they are either too big or too small to handle effectively.
  • By wrapping tighter, the chances of whatever you are shipping arriving in its intended state increases exponentially. Otherwise, all manner of obstacles and impediments could cause the load to shift and the product to be damaged, even beyond repair.
  • If you think that you are saving money by cutting the corner of using stretch wrap dispensers, I would stand to reason that you aren’t. Saving money, that is. Dealing with stretch wrap manually often results in a lot of waste since unrolling the wrap is harder to start and stop without the dispenser. Not to mention the wrap is not as tight as it could be, resulting in more stretch wrap being used than is necessary for the job.
  • If the actual stretch wrap dispensers seem like overkill to you and exceed your needs, there are other options. Consider the double handle wrapper. When using this, you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on extended cores; this rod goes through the regular core and allows you to hold onto both ends securely. Last but not least, if you absolutely refuse to invest in any type of dispenser, consider the handi-ring set. Quite simply, these are two plastic rings that fit into either end of the roll and makes for wrapping by hand quite a bit easier.



Stretch Film: The Solution to Your Project

On the one hand I’ve been talking a lot about the end of the world, and all of those wild speculations we insecure human beings come up with. In these different scenarios, stretch film appears to be a major solution to many problems. And, more than likely, its merits would go unnoticed, which leaves more for us.

On the other hand, I started watching Project Runway again (the final season of All Stars) and my creative juices have really begun flowing. I used to sew when I was a little girl, but I never considered sewing my own clothes. Apparently a lot of the designers on this show started designing and sewing their own clothes because they were poor or overweight or something like that. While I was not overweight, my wardrobe did consist primarily of hand-me-downs and thrift store sales.

It never occurred to me to try making my own outfits. I actually continued to shop at the thrift store even after I got old enough to start working, and I pretty much still go there a lot of the time. But that is neither here nor there… My favorite episode on Project Runway is always the unconventional materials challenge. I just watched the designers have to gather supplies from a construction site and use them to make some fabulous creations. I was thinking about how cool it would be if they had to go through a packaging and shipping supply store.

There would be some seriously awesome and equally unconventional stuff to choose from. I think I would go for the stretch film. I would probably wrap some cardboard in it, so that it would be nice and viscous looking and also easy to bend with a curve. A medium of this type would be moldable almost like clay, and since the stretch film would stick to itself, it would be easy to keep in place.

Or I could make some amazing bodysuit type thing. And then, at the end, during the clip of my interview about the win, where I would wave my hookah pen (which is apparently what cool people call their e-cigarettes), proudly sporting the tattoo around my neck that looks like a needle and thread sewing my head back on, I would say, “I don’t know what I would have done if there hadn’t been any stretch film, man. You know?”

Stretch Wrap Film and Related Topics

By now it’s no secret that my job is to talk about packaging and shipping supplies. I have to say I kind of love it because it means that, indirectly, I get to talk about every single topic under the sun I can think of. Because, somehow, packaging and shipping supplies touch every corner of the earth from every moment of time.

Like Christmas! Particularly at this time of year, which is the holiday season for all of you who may be reading this at a later day (or earlier, depending on how you look at it), I am seeing all of these ways that the things I talk about in my job relate to Christmas! I’ve talked about how Santa Claus must use bins and bin liners in his toy factory, and how cheap cardboard boxes come in really handle when you find yourself continuously mailing off gifts. But it turns out that stretch wrap film is where it’s at. I mean, no way could I have saved all those Thanksgiving leftovers without the stuff. I think I ate leftovers like three times on Black Friday. Have I mentioned Thanksgiving leftovers are my jam?

It’s going to be the same thing with Christmas: stretch wrap film, wrapping up all of that delicious honey-baked ham and roasted vegetables and… I just need to stop now before this turns into a piece on cooking or, more accurately, on eating food. I am not ashamed to admit that I like eating food a heck of a lot more than cooking it (excuse the expletive. Which reminds me of a really funny story but that would get me way further off topic, if that’s even possible.). If you think about it, though, the Grinch would have had a much easier job if he had been able to use stretch wrap film.

If he really hated Christmas that much, you would think that before he put together his horrible little suit he would have sat down and made an internet purchase: stretch wrap film and dispenser. Then, he would have been well equipped to steal Christmas.

Everything on top of that hideous sleigh could have been tightly wrapped up, and that sad little dog probably would have had a way easier time dragging the load it was more compact and stabilized. Who am I kidding? There is absolutely no way that dog could have made the trip. He couldn’t even have pulled the sleigh by itself. He probably could have barely handled pulling the reigns not attached to anything else…

Stretch Film Rolls, Part Two

Last time we talked about shrink wrap and food grade stretch film wrap. I mentioned that there were six categories under stretch film rolls at, so that leaves four more for us to go over.

Let’s see now…where were we?

24Ah, yes. Poly sheeting. The scary stuff. I call it the scary stuff because it reminds me of that tv show about the serial killer who wrapped everything and everybody up in plastic, and this must have been the stuff he used. These are giant sheets of plastic. Like twelve feet wide and two hundred feet long. If you wouldn’t use them to protect your crime scene you would probably use them to protect your construction site. They even come in three different thicknesses, and in clear or black.

Moving on from the cold chills and heebie-jeebies, let’s enter the deliberately friendly world of gift basket film. This is still in the family of stretch film rolls because, even though it isn’t stretchy, it is still a film. It comes in nice crunchy sheets that you can use to wrap an entire gift basket up with, and tie with a nice big bow, or you can cut smaller pieces and use it to stuff the inside of gifts bags. You can go with clear, or colored (blue, lavender, or red).

Have you ever heard of poly tubing? This is my favorite member in the stretch film rolls family. It is what it sounds like: a tube of poly sheeting that comes on a roll. If you are doing a lot of sealing products but have varying sizes, you might want to consider poly tubing, because you can cut a length long enough for one t-shirt or you can cut a length long enough for twenty t-shirts. The standard poly tubing comes in multiple sizes and thickness, and you can even get the anti-static kind. If you are going to be working with poly tubing I would recommend not scrimping on the dispenser. You are much more likely to get a better seal and a cleaner look if you use it. provides these, and also the heat sealers.

Last, but certainly not least, is the most obvious type of stretch film rolls, which is the actual stretch film wrap. Machine grade, colored, small or large, the dispenser or the kind with the extended core to hold onto, there is no shortage of variety or option. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the stretch film cutter. Trying to cut this stuff with scissors is a giant pain in the batoot.

Stretch Film Rolls, Part One

At there are six different options when you search for stretch film rolls. Perhaps they aren’t all stretchy, and they might not all be on a roll, but they all fit the general qualification for being a film.

You know how you’ve been wanting to make that self-produced CD look at lot more legit? Because, let’s face it, an unwrapped CD just screams “lame”. After spending all that money on studio hours and hiring back-up trumpets, making a label, burning copies, and all of the above, why not just go that teensy eensy extra bit and wrap those babies up? This is what shrink film is good for, and that is one of your options at

Stretch Film Rolls

I won’t get into the ginormous rolls, because those are not what you are looking for in this situation, but consider instead the shrink bag kit. This handy collection comes with a a sealer, a heat gun, and five-hundred bags, six by eleven inches. You can go with an eight inch sealer, a twelve inch sealer, or a sixteen inch sealer. The bottom line is: you are going to need a sealer. This is what melts the send of the bag, locking that product inside. You will also need a heat gun.

Do not try to substitute with a hair dryer! I repeat, do not try to substitute with a hair dryer? Do you catch my drift? The heat gun is what will actually cause the plastic to shrink around the product. The kit only comes with one size of bag, but other sizes are available bought separately, from super cute to serious business (AKA four by six up to eighteen by twenty-four).

Consider food service stretch film rolls. This is an industrial way of saying “saran wrap”. These rolls come in four different lengths, between one foot and two feet, and each box holds two thousand feet. The box comes with the typical cutter bar, and this one actually works. If you are thinking something long-term you might want to consider the reusable dispenser, which is made from heavy duty plastic that is convenient to dispense from, because you don’t have to try to stabilize the container while simultaneously removing the film and trying to keep it from clinging to itself (that’s the worst). The reusable dispenser sits firmly while you finagle the wrap, and there are refill rolls to replenish with ease.

More types of stretch film rolls in part two…

Stretch Film Wrap

As important as stretch film wrap is to the working world, I want to take a minute to talk about the stretch film wrap dispenser. If you are like me, you might like to try and save by cutting some corners. Sometimes I think that I can purchase a product without all of the suggested accessories and that I will “improvise”. I don’t suggest improvising with stretch film wrap.


Have you seen the stuff? It’s like the Hulk version of saran wrap, and by that I mean it’s indestructible. You could probably wrap yourself up in it and survive a nuclear blast… then again, you would probably suffocate, but that’s not the point. The point is that a roll of stretch film wrap can come a foot long, fifteen inches long, or a foot and a half long. I’m talking industrial strength. If you try to improvise with this stuff you will probably wind up looking like Frodo after Shelob got ahold of him and stashed him in her lair. And that was seriously disturbing.

If you don’t think it would be hazardous to your physical health, consider your mental state. Do you realize how frustrated and angry you get when regular, food-grade saran wrap folds over onto itself? Even though we always think we can wind up straightening it back out by hand, we always wind up cursing and wadding it into a ball that we throw across the room. Imagine this on a much more massive scale. On par with the Hulk. It makes me shudder to think about. This is why I’m advocating for the stretch film wrap dispenser.

At there are three different styles to choose from, and all of them are adjustable to fit all of the different styles of wrap. The roll of wrap slides right onto the dispenser; at one end is a handle, and then another handle comes around the front of it. It’s like a giant paper towel roll, really, with another handle running parallel to the bar in case you might want to mummify your cat or something. Since stretch film wrap is industrial grade it really does need to be handled well. It’s going to be heavy, and bulky, and hard to get in place if you are just doing it by hand. It’s like trying to change a baby’s diaper without putting them down: it’s doable, but the results won’t be pretty.

What Stretch Film Wrap Can Do For You

The first thing I think of when I hear “stretch film wrap” is Dexter. Dexter the show, about Dexter the guy who goes around killing people vigilante style. His murder lab is never in the same place twice, and it is absolutely fortified by plastic on plastic on plastic. The whole vicinity is draped in poly sheeting, like the heavy duty plastic that is an economical alternative to things like drop cloths. And then the victim is wrapped up on the table in giant stretch wrap. It’s awful. It’s gruesome. I had to stop watching the show. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it right now because it’s not very professional. Although Dexter would definitely beg to differ. He was about as professional at it as humanly possible, or should I say as Hollywood as possible, which means that no one could ever accomplish what Dexter accomplished.

Stretch Film Wrap

In case you didn’t want to associate stretch film wrap with murder, which I’m sure you don’t, feel free to associate it with the American dream. If you own a business, stretch film wrap is going to wind up coming in handy for you. It can come in different colors, for the more adventurous types, or just clear. carries the dispenser, which you will surely need if you plan on handling this stuff. Unless you get the actual food grade wrap, the rest of it is so large that some terrible accident is bound to happen if handled incorrectly, and people will think that there is a Dexter wanna-be out there. Sorry. I forgot I wasn’t supposed to talk about him.

Back to stretch film wrap.

If you think even the big stuff is for sissies, there is machine grade for your type. As you can guess, this is so huge that it needs a machine to operate it. (Wait for it… Wait for it… “That’s what she said!”. Man. What is wrong with me today? It must be the full moon). But as far as the machine grade stretch film wrap, this is absolutely what you want to wrap pallets with. Pallets with boxes stacked on them, that is. It would be pointless to just wrap up pallets. This way nothing shifts or falls in transit. As they always say, “If you want to protect it, wrap it up!”

Wait for it…