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Gifting in Boxes or Bags?

With spring finally here and Easter around the corner, gift giving is in session. It’s only been a few months since Christmas was here, but a few months is all it takes in the gift-happy culture of the US.

When it comes to giving gifts, though, I prefer to wrap mine in boxes. Any old shipping boxes usually do for whatever I’m giving away. I just think that a gift in a box wrapped up shows a lot more effort went into the gift than just placing something in a bag, stuffing some tissue paper in on top of the item, and calling it a day.

But that’s to each their own, I suppose. While I like to have my recipient think there was a lot of thought that went into the gift, not everyone else does. And I can’t fault others for being more efficient with their time and gift giving even if it does make their recipient think of the gift as less special than a wrapped box.

My gifting habits are a main reason as to why I do have a lot of old shipping boxes and other cardboard laying around my home, though. I’m always using them for something with how versatile they are.

It’s funny to see what people think when I give them Easter gifts all wrapped up in the style of a birthday or Christmas present, though. People always expect baskets or bags around this time of year, but a fully wrapped box just seems to say a lot more in my opinion. It stands out a lot more, too.

I’d say my favorite part of wrapping gifts in boxes is honestly the type of paper I wrap it with. Whether it’s a specific pattern tailored to the occasion or just plain, thick brown paper (which is actually pretty classy, I must say), it’s fun to change it all up and keeps me, the gifter, interested and excited in the whole process.

That’s not even to say how many compliments I usually receive on my wrapping and the paper I chose. I’m always getting asked where I got my paper or how I wrapped my gift, and it’s honestly kinda nice to have that recognition for my efforts.

Overall, though, I do it for the recipient. I get joy in the whole process because I know it’ll bring joy to whomever I’m gifting the item to. If you can’t get joy out of that, what’s the point in gifting someone a thing you don’t truly care to spend money on? If that’s how you approach it, don’t bother giving them anything at all.

The Usefulness of Random Supplies

The other day my parents were over dog sitting for me and my girlfriend while we were out of town. They live 2 hours out of town in a small rural town, so coming to the city for a weekend has been their little getaway from the rise and grind of their jobs. I was happy to let them stay at our place for the weekend.

While they were at our place, I asked my dad if he would install a steel tip dartboard cabinet that we got for Christmas. I would’ve done it by now, but the problem was we were going to put it in our basement, but the walls are concrete. So, we were pretty reliant on the tools he had at home, meaning we had to wait for them to make their way to our place at some point to help put it up.

Anyway, they were able to eventually get the board and cabinet up, but not without some hitches in the plan. Apparently we were missing some sort of screws and the alignment of the board was off in such a way when it was hanging that we needed to shim the backside of the board it was adhered to.

Luckily, we had some random shipping supplies laying around the apartment that he was able to use to make final adjustments, even if it was a bit of a roughshod piece of work.

I couldn’t believe he made it work with mere shipping supplies. Somehow, though, it worked, and that’s all I really care about. It just goes to show that having some things laying around can be used in a pinch.

It reminds me of the usefulness and utility of other common items we overlook all the time. For example, cardboard can be used in so many different ways that you’d never really think about. I’ve made compost with cardboard, shredded it up and used it as mulch, and even used it to soak up things like oil leaks in the garage.

All of this is just proof that you can make something out of seemingly nothing. By giving your house a quick sweep through anytime you’re missing an item or need something in particular and don’t seem to have it, you’ll be able to find a lot of things that may actually be of use to you in your current situation. It only takes a little bit of creativity and a will to get the job done.

3 Things for Your Home That Have Multiple Uses

Choice is the essence of humanity. If we were all forced to do one thing and one thing only, we’d go mad, dying out from boredom alone.

Decorating your home is no different. And having useful tools within your home is just the same. You want versatile, useful, and interesting things in your house that you can use for not just one reason, but multiple. Check out these things that you didn’t know you’ve been missing out on for your home.

Cheap moving boxes.
Yes, these aren’t necessarily things you decorate with or use daily, but they’re amazing for storing or transporting your picture frames, lamps, or even dishes. Did you know that there were boxes specifically made to protect those exact items? I’m not sure about you, but lamps seem awkward to ship or store, and yet there are cheap moving boxes to get the job done for these very things.



Growing up, I found these things amazing. As a kid I would ride around on it with my brother pushing me from behind.

Okay, I know that’s not the main (or even secondary use) for an ottoman, but it serves to highlight just how versatile these things are. With that said, these are so perfect for storage. Blankets, pillows, slippers, and even chargers for your technology can be stored within your ottoman. If that’s not enough for how great these are, they’re the perfect footrests and extensions to your furniture without having to spend more for a chase when you foot the bill for your brand new couch.

Convertible standing desk.
The new thing in a lot of startup companies, standing desks that can convert down to a seated desk are all the rage. Who doesn’t like having the option to stand or sit when they’re working on their computer? Sometimes it’s just more comfortable to stand up and get your body stretched out and in use from time to time, especially if your computer chair is overly comfy.

Anything that’s a hybrid usually gets better use simply because you have the choice. And as humans, we love our choices on how to use things. The standing desk is no different. In fact, I’m thinking about getting a new desk for my office, and a convertible desk is at the top of my list so that I can be more productive while feeling healthier by standing from time to time.



Practicing Proper Boxcutter Safety

Boxcutters are an essential item for cutting cardboard, especially on items like shipping boxes or other cheap moving boxes. However, though most people have seen them and likely used them, an overwhelming amount don’t practice boxcutter safety because they’re always in a hurry or simply don’t know how to use it correctly. Check out these safety tips below.

Always point the blade away from your body.

And be sure no one else is around you when you make your cut. This is the first thing most people will teach you about boxcutters, and yet it’s something people still fail to heed. Cutting away from your body is much easier to do in the first place, but it also ensures that you don’t cut yourself (or any of your clothing, for that matter).

Make sure your other hand or other parts of your body aren’t in the path of the knife.

This is especially true for your fingers. It’s easy to get used to cutting shipping boxes and other cardboard with a boxcutter, but don’t ever slip up and hold a part of the box in the direct line of the cutter’s path.

Keep your eye on the blade as you’re cutting at all times.

Rather than watch where you’re going to be cutting, watch the blade itself as you move it along the box. This ensures you don’t accidentally misjudge where the knife’s blade is because you’re looking ahead. Avoid messing up your cut or, worse, cutting yourself and simply keep your gaze on the boxcutter’s blade.

Store boxcutters in a safe place when you’re not using them.

If the blade is retractable, which most are, make sure the blade is fully covered and locked if it has a locking option. You don’t want to reach in a drawer for something else and cut yourself because you left the blade exposed. It takes no time at all.

Don’t toss a boxcutter to another person.

Even if you think the blade is closed or fully retracted, you should safely hand boxcutters to other workers or people with the handle first.

Don’t try to catch a falling boxcutter.

Just move out of the way and let it fall to the ground if it falls when you’re using it. Whether or not you think the blade is retracted, it could come loose and cut you if you attempt to grab it. Most boxcutters are cheap enough that if they break, it’s not a big deal to get a new one.

How to Maximize Your Storage During the Holidays

When I think of Christmas, I think of my mom pulling out the decorations from under the staircase just before Thanksgiving would come around. Her storage typically consisted of big, long cardboard boxes containing her 7-or-so synthetic Christmas trees. Of course, there were other containers and boxes of ornaments, decorations, and wreaths—but Christmas, to me, felt like a house with long brown boxes strewn about. I even recall it being hard to walk around the house simply because everything was so crowded and out in the walkways. Nothing embodied the Christmas spirit better than getting ready for the season with decorations and the house undergoing a lot of change.

As I got to thinking about other storage purposes in which cardboard boxes could be used, seasonal decorations came to mind. Here’s a list of things you could possibly use them for:

  • From fake pumpkins with cords to synthetic spider webs and sheets, Halloween usually inspires people to put up decorations that surround the house (inside or out). Lights, children’s costumes, and various other fall decorations can be stored away easily in boxes.
  • As already mentioned, almost everyone seems to have a fake tree in a big box, whether it’s the one that the tree came in or otherwise. Ornaments, wreaths, stringed lights, and other baubles need put away for that one month a year!
  • Now, while not a holiday that one typically thinks of for decorating, spring has many “things” that need stored away. Whether it’s baskets and multi-colored grass or egg-coloring kits, there’s enough that could be put away in a single box.
  • Fourth of July. Spare fireworks, an assortment of American flags, and other patriotic accessories can be put away until summertime. Whether you store them in your attic, the garage, the basement, or elsewhere, boxes—yet again—come in handy.
  • Back to school. We all know that the kids celebrate summer break and can put the backpacks, books, school supplies, and sports equipment away. But you don’t want all those things tossed around haphazardly. Having it in an easily accessible location allows you to keep everything organized and at the ready for when it all starts back up again.

So, if you’ve got a few spare boxes lying around the house, put them to use! Don’t even think about discarding them or burning them—you know there’s always a section of your house or season of the year that could use some organizing. Think seasonally! Any holiday can surely spark your imagination to consider putting things away neatly. What most people regard as fodder for fire or simply trash, you can use for tidiness.

The Best Way to Pack Your Moving Boxes

Moving is a daunting and rather scary task. Part of any move means playing close personal attention to the boxes you are going to use for the move. Packing your shipping boxes carefully has many advantages. Doing so makes it easier for your movers to move your items quickly and easily. When you pay close attention to your moving boxes and make sure that all is contained properly, you’ll also reduce the risk that anything will break during the move. Packing up your boxes also ensures that you have enough boxes on hand to get the job done during the move. This means you won’t face a sudden run for additional moving boxes at the last minute.

The Bottom of the Box

The bottom of the moving box needs specific personal attention. This is where people pick up the boxes and lift them. It’s also where people tend to put most of their effort. You want to make sure the boxes have enough reinforcement. Reinforcement is typically done with enough tape. Packing tape is a strong substance that can hold up for a long time and still stay in good shape.

Packing Properly

When it comes to packing your items, you should think closely about the weight of the items. You want to make sure that the weight in the boxes is evenly distributed. Keep all of your heavier items on the bottom of the box. This can include items such as boxes and housewares. You can leave the rest of the box for lighter items. For example, think about packing your clothing in the same area as you pack all of your delicate dishes. The clothing can serve as a means of protecting the more delicate items as the move continues.

Avoid Overloading Your Boxes

Avoid the temptation to overload all of your moving boxes. You don’t want to put all of your items in a large box. Instead, it’s good to use many smaller boxes. Smaller boxes will keep the items in good shape and make it easier to sort through things and create categories for your stuff. For example, you can keep one box for certain types of cookbooks while another is about using and keeping your summer clothing in one place even if you’re moving during the warm weather.

Everything Should be Sealed Properly

When you’re packing, ultimately everything will wind up in the moving van. In many cases, your items will be stacked one on top of the other. You want to make sure that all of your boxes are completely sealed. Take the time to examine each box closely. Note and gaps that you see on the top. You want fix them as soon as possible. This will make it easier for your movers to bring the boxes inside the van without worrying that contents will shift or even get out of the box as the van moves. You should also make sure that you’ve taken the time to mark each box properly. You want to know precisely what’s inside the box once your mover brings it to your new destination. This will make it easier to sort through the boxes once you have them inside. It will also make it easier to place each box in the right space in your new home.

Boxing Basics, How To Properly Pack

There are so many ways to pack or move your belongings. However, what is the right way to go about it? Should you look into hiring a professional, or get starting doing the task yourself? Packing moving can be stressful, especially if you do not have the time to knock it out. Therefore, below is a few ideas of how to properly pack as well as a few boxing basic tips.

Pack Heavy, Travel Light
Let’s say the ultimate decision you chose was to pack your belongings yourself. How should you start? One of the first elements to always remember is to pack heavy and travel light. This means simply, get all of your belongings packed, and only leave out what you will need to travel with. For example, if you pack up your house and leave a set or two of clothes and toothbrush for the next few days, that would be packing heavy and traveling light. It is easier to get all of your stuff packed away, and not have to carry as much while you are traveling to your next destination. This will also help you when you are unpacking your stuff at your new location to not have to stress about where your clothes are or what box you put your toothbrush in.

Pack Smartly
The choice to pack your stuff yourself can be overwhelming; however, there are options to consider when you are packing. For example, finding cheap moving boxes that will allow you to get all your stuff packed fast and properly would be a great start. The moving boxes can be found in a variety of locations; however, you will want to find a company that offers different sizes of boxes. This is essential to do to make sure your belongings are safe and secure. You do not want to get boxes that are too big for a few small items; therefore, finding moving boxes in different sizes is a great boxing basic.

Pack with Your Mind, Not Your Heart
After you have gotten your boxes, you will want to gather your things according to size, weight, and durability. This means simply, to don’t just pack all your clothes in one box, you might want to leave a little room for that picture that you cherish, the clothes can be a great way to protect it during the move. Do not just pack all of your breakables in one box, for this could cause them to actually break is the box shifts during the move. Therefore, pack with your mind, and not your heart. Another great tip would be to separate the dirty items from the clean ones, no matter what the item is, you will not want items to be tarnished or spoiled during the move.

Should You Have Help?
If you were having a hard time moving your belongings, contacting a local moving company would be a smart decision. They are professionals that have chosen this career path in order to help with those heavy items or delicate. They have experience and care about your stuff as much as you do. Therefore don’t hesitate to contact your local moving company if you get overwhelmed, they will be more than happy to help, and to top that off it can save you time and energy since moving can be highly stressful.

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, moving can be an exciting time, or it can be extremely stressful. It’s up to you to decide how the move can be done efficiently and properly. Finding cheap moving boxes in different sizes or contacting a local moving company is one of the best ways to help relieve these stresses. If you chose to pack your belongings yourself, obtain the right packing materials to make sure you are properly packing the items in an ordained fashion, but do not hesitate to call your local professional, as they are customer service driven and want you and your stuff to be just as safe as you do.

Getting Ready For The Big Move

There are millions of people who move every single year in America. Many of these people don’t realize that moving is not just exhausting, stressful and labor intensive, but it can also be extremely dangerous if you don’t properly prepare. There are many tasks that you will perform during your move that only professionals are truly qualified to perform. For example, moving heavy boxes, properly transporting sharp objects and moving extremely large, heavy furniture and or objects in the home. Moving is not as easy as many people think it may be. There are many different safety issues to be aware of and many safe tips that you must learn before making your move, so that you can be able to enjoy a smooth move. 

One of the first things that you want to remember is to not over-stuff your moving boxes. Moving boxes are designed so that they are made for only a certain amount of weight to hold in the box. Moving boxes are designed this way, so that you do not strain your body with overly heavy boxes. Carrying over-stuffed boxes can cause serious injury on the body, such as strain on your back, knees and or joints. You want to make sure that you don’t put more than 50 pounds in a small box, 65 in a medium sized box, and 70 in a large box. You can find out more details on weight by searching for cheap moving boxes. 

Secondly, you want to make sure that you properly secure all knives and any sharp devices that can cause punctures through the boxes and actually cut you. All sharp objects that can cause injury should always be wrapped in bubble wrap or some quality packing paper. Never pack your sharp objects in boxes without being wrapped to prevent further injury. You can also make sure to enhance your safety by wrapping your sharp objects in towels with a rubber band securing it in place. 

Third, you want to make sure that your dressed comfortably. Wearing clothing that restricts you and prevents you from properly maneuvering could cause you serious harm. You can also use shoes that will help you move more effectively and prevent you from tripping. Wearing shoes like flip flops and or sandals can be extremely dangerous and can actually cause a very serious injury if you are not careful. 

Fourth, you want to make sure that you plan and organize your move efficiently. You want to try to prevent yourself from lifting excessive weight on your own. Moving extremely heavy furniture and or boxes could possibly cause you to lose your balance and injure yourself. Never try to lift more than you can comfortably afford to lift. 

Fifth, you want to make sure you always use a dolly to safely move and transport your heavy items. You never want to try to lift heavy boxes and furniture that you cannot safely move. Testing yourself put you in a very unfortunate situation. 

Overall, moving can be an extremely dangerous depending on the steps that you take. Make sure that you practice safe measures and stretch throughout the day to prevent injury of the muscles. Also make sure that you have a clear pathway when you are moving your items. Prior to the move, make sure to get enough sleep to prevent yourself from making moving mistakes. Like with all things that you participate in that are important, make sure to eat good, stay hydrated and listen to your body and know when to stop when you need to stop and take a break. If you feel that your move is too intense for your situation, then consider hiring professionals to ease your move.

Don’t Leave These Items Behind When You Move

When people move, they have to do lots of things. People need to keep track of items both large and small. They also need to think about how they’re going to decorate the new space and what they must do to finish the move and make sure all bills are paid such as the mortgage or rent even before they make their transition to the new space. In the rush of moving, it can be easy to overlook certain items. The last thing you want to do is leave things behind for someone else to find and possibly throw out.

These Things Can Be Forgotten

Stuff in the back of the kitchen cabinets can fall backwards. You’ll need to check each kitchen cabinet very carefully. You may also have a personal spot where you store valuables. Think about this spot and make sure you remove your precious jewelry. The same is true of items you’ve borrowed such as library books or outdoor tools from the neighbors. You want tn return them before you make your final move. Items can also get trapped in the attic or the basement. Take a flashlight and examine these spaces before you leave. Don’t forget the medicine cabinets as you might accidentally leave valuable medications you need to take every day.

Get Organized

Getting organized well in advance can help you avoid any further issues. Cheap moving boxes make it easy to store items before the movers show up. Knowing where you’re going and exactly how to get there is useful. Make sure you have the right directions. If the neighborhood is new, you can easily get lost. Organization will also help you keep track of all the stuff you’re going to bring. Think about creating a list for everyone in your party including your kids and your pets. Their needs should be met before, during and immediately after the move.

Room By Room

One of the best ways to avoid leaving any items behind is to treat each room as a separate space with a separate list. For example, in the kitchen you may have a long list that includes all your cooking items. In the bedroom, you’ll want to check all the closets and look behind the dresser and underneath the bed. Once you’ve completed a check of each room, you can proceed forward knowing you have made sure you’ve completed removed all of the items you must bring with you.

Important Commitments

If you’re leaving a neighborhood where you’ve lived for a long time, you want to think about all the ties you have to area businesses and other places. For example, you might have a gym membership that requires a gym membership card to use. You want to make sure the card is on hand so you can use it or get a refund. The same is true of your library card. A library card is a good way to fill the time in your new home. If you’re moving to a different system, you want your old one on hand and you want to make sure any fines have been cleared. Other items like paper checks can also be used in your new home so bring them with you as you go.

Should You Hire Professional Movers?

Moving involves making a lot of decisions. Perhaps the most important one is whether you hire professional movers for the job or simply ask some friends to help you relocate. You’ll need to think about which solution is the best for your situation. Some moves are going to be more complicated and are better done with the assistance of pros, but many others can be handled just by a few friends with a rented truck. If you’re debating whether you should hire professional movers or do it yourself, here are some things you should consider when making that decision:

Whether You’re Moving Locally or Across the Country

If you’re only moving a relatively short distance, such as within the same city or to a surrounding town, you probably won’t have much trouble finding friends who want to help you out. But if your move is a long distance one, few people will want to spend the entire day on the road with you. Therefore, if you’re moving to another state, getting a team of professionals to help you makes more sense.

By hiring a licensed and insured moving company, you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that everything will arrive to its destination safely. Moving companies know how to handle long distance moves and will be happy to do the job for you even if you’re moving thousands of miles away from your current home.

How Much Stuff You’ll Be Moving

The main factor that will determine whether it’s best to hire movers instead of moving on your own is how big your move is going to be. The more you have in terms of furniture and other belongings, the bigger the job will be. If you’re only moving a small studio apartment, it might be possible to rent a small truck and get the move done with just one or two friends helping you. On the other hand, if you’re moving an entire three bedroom home, hiring the services of professional movers is recommended.

Whether You Have Valuable Items

If you’re only moving a few boxes of clothes and some secondhand furniture you bought at a garage sale, you can trust your friends to do the job right, as there’s not much that could go wrong. Things are different if you have valuable items that require special attention, such as expensive appliances or pieces of art. If you have high value items, you’ll want to hire professional movers.

They can supply you with cheap moving boxes that will help better protect your items during the move. They also know the best techniques to use when packing and handling items to prevent damage. Another big advantage of using a professional moving company is that any legitimate mover will be insured in case an item is damaged during the moving process.

How Much You’re Willing to Spend

Moving isn’t always cheap. Even if you opt for a DIY move, you’ll have to pay to rent a truck and purchase the moving supplies you need. There’s also the cost of gas, which is a bigger consideration if you’re moving a considerable distance away from your current home. Depending on how much stuff you have to move and how far your new home is, hiring a moving company can end up being worth the price.