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Holiday Packaging 

Holidays bring a a wide range of joy to people all over. That joy can run in ranges from those that love family gatherings, those that love decorating the last few months of the year and those that allow their OCD to take over when it comes to packaging gifts. The holiday time can create a high amount of anxiety to flood big cities and even smaller cities, because civilians are wanting to grab the newest of the newest. Along with gaining the newest items, people are wanting the fanciest and colored coordinated gift wrapping sets to make the best holiday appeal. In order to ensure that customers are receiving these gifts, business have to do their job on up-keeping packaging items in order to ship off in time. Listed below are a few things to make packaging for the holidays a bit easier on establishments and shipping centers. 

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Glamour Bubble Mailers
  • Bubble Out Bags
  • Poly Bubble Mailers
  • Printed Tape
  • Carton Sealing Tape
  • Colored Packing Tape
  • Filament Tape
  • Poly Bag Tape
  • Tape Dispensers

1. Corrugated Boxes

The number one thing needed for holiday packaging is the box the items go in. Corrugated boxes are great for deliveries because they come in different sizes and can be dressed up to your liking. These boxes also come in sets, so the amount being bought is worth your while because you are given back up.

2. Glamour Bubble Mailers

Alike Poly bubble, glamour bubble mailers present a bit of color and sparkle to those that are receiving the package. These mailers are designed with metallic in all colors and guarantee the same puncture resistant.

3. Bubble Out Bags

These bags are most used for small electronics and jewelry. The protective bubble lining prevents dirt, moisture and punctures to your product making for a guaranteed safe delivery.

4. Poly Bubble Mailers

These mailers come in handy for items that need extra cushioning. Poly Bubble mailers are lined with a bubble wrap to prevent damages during transport.

5. Printed Tape

To ensure shipping centers are aware of the fragility of packages, printed tape comes in handy due to being labeled. These tapes feature one of three warnings: CAUTION, FRAGILE, and HANDLE WITH CARE.

6. Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Tape has a three inch diameter, making great use for businesses that are enduring a shopping rush. The tape itself bonds together perfectly with multiple surfaces.

7. Colored Packing Tape

This type of tape is mainly used to allow certain brands to stand out. When shipping multiple products, many business choose a particular color tape to be more noticeable when delivered. 

8. Filament Tape

Unlike envelopes, Filament tape is used for medium sized bundles and packages. The filament tape unwinds quite smoothly and enables for a strong gripped seal. The seal is bonded using fiberglass strands and can withstand over 100 pounds of product. 

9. Poly Bag Tape

Poly Bag Tape is more of a synthetic rubber and resin adhesive that allows for extra security during the shipping process. These sort of tapes allow for the prohibition of envelopes tearing due to heavy weather conditions. When looking for a strong closing, poly bag tape is the go to.

10. Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers offer a hassle free seal when packaging orders and are known for the speed and productivity of use. There are two types: Poly Bag Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensers. Poly bag tape dispensers come in handy within hardware stores, farmer’s markets and even in some groceries stores. Normal tape dispensers can be used with two to three inch tape and are more commonly used within work places and offices. 

Packing Overwhelmed? Corrugated Boxes Make The Load Easier

Article Text: 

When you need to pack up a lot of heavy things, it’s important that you use the right type of box. There are many different types of boxes made out of materials like cardboard and plastic. The most common type is corrugated paperboard because it is lightweight yet strong enough to handle really heavy loads, which is why it’s popular for shipping.

Corrugated paperboard consists of three layers: a middle fluted layer and two outer liner boards with printed designs on them that help protect the contents inside from being damaged by water or other elements. The corrugations between these three sheets add strength to prevent the box from buckling under the weight of the items inside, so you can rest assured that your items will arrive in one piece.

Corrugated paperboard is so strong because the flutes and ridges of each layer hold together, which gives it a lot more strength than if they were just stacked on top of each other without any reinforcement. Plus, corrugated boxes come in different thicknesses depending on how much weight they need to be able to handle: for example, an 18-inch by 18-inch box made out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) has a maximum capacity of about 50 pounds, while an equivalent size box made out of corrugated craft board can hold up to 70 pounds! So take advantage and use this lightweight yet sturdy option when shipping or storing heavy or fragile items.

This is because corrugations are ridges and grooves that run horizontally across the center layer, which give it the strength to resist compression forces like heavy stacks of books or dishes in a dishwasher. The outer layers provide protection by lining up with these ridges, so they don’t get crushed when something really heavy is placed inside, like when you’re shipping something, for example, a heavy piece of furniture.

This is why corrugated paperboard is popular for shipping. It’s lightweight yet strong enough to handle cumbersome loads because it has ridges and grooves between the three layers that add strength. The outer layers provide protection by lining up with these ridges, so they don’t get crushed when something really heavy is placed inside, like a big piece of furniture during shipment. Corrugated boxes are also water-resistant, making them great for packaging things like electronics or other items you want to keep protected from moisture damage while being shipped around town or across the country. 

These reasons explain why corrugated boxes are one type of box you should definitely consider using if you’re planning on picking up anything heavy, like a big piece of furniture. This is especially important if you’re having the item shipped because your items must be protected during transport to prevent damage from occurring, which is why many people choose corrugated boxes to ship items in.

Large living room with stack of moving boxes

One way corrugated boxes are beneficial is because they’re lightweight. This makes them great for shipping, especially when you want to keep your items protected during transport and prevent damage from occurring while they’re being shipped around town or across the country. Corrugations also help strengthen the box to handle really heavy loads without collapsing under the weight of what’s inside, like a big piece of furniture that can get damaged if packed in the wrong type of container. They’re water-resistant, which makes them perfect for packaging electronics or other items you need to protect from moisture damage while still keeping things organized inside, so nothing gets lost along the way.

Why Packaging Makes a Difference for Your Business

Packaging is one of the most important elements of a product and it is often only thought of as an afterthought. The product is made to specifications. You’ve marketed it, so now you just need to pop it in a box and send it right? 

Not really. The packaging is the first thing the customer sees, so your design is a critical element of the whole process. The first impression is what brings you repeat customers. 

Start With Just a Little Detail

Ok so when you don’t have a lot of money to create expensive packaging designs you can really just start small with just a touch of branding to help impress your customers. Even just your logo, or a touch of branded tape can help give your products a new look. 

Keep in mind that branding creates trust, helps market your products and improves your customers recognition of your products. 

Find a Unique Touch

Coming up with a personal design is not the easiest thing to do. You need to take time to think about your brand and the image you want to convey with your story. So ask what your customers want when they receive your package. Figure out what characteristics they associate with your product: 

  • Luxury
  • Innovation
  • Humour
  • Convenience
  • Think Outside The Box

You can also think of something different. The packaging doesn’t always have to be a cardboard box. Some of the most interesting packaging materials can be recycled into something else. 

Why Invest Time and Money in Custom Packaging

Custom packaging does take thought, and it can sometimes cost more money but you do get an improved ROI because customers keep coming back.

The custom package builds excitement up and makes the customer want to open your package. 

Analyze The Need

Before you design your custom packaging you first need to know what you want your packaging to represent. Sure, the packaging is practical and useful, but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing for customers. Your packaging needs to make your customers feel good about making the purchase. 

What this means for you is that you shouldn’t rush your decision and you need to find a packaging company that can give you professional advice. 

What Are Your Distribution Methods? 

There are several ways to get a package to a customer nowadays. So when choosing your packaging material you need to factor in the level of protection you need, and the cost of shipping. 

Consider Your Product

Think about your product. Its size, weight, and even the materials it’s made with. You need to design your packaging for your product. You must consider your products and they will influence the design of your packaging. 

The Values You Want to Convey

What do you want your package to say about your product and your business? Your brand is critical and your product packaging represents your brand. Your design should be consistent across the board, and in all aspects of your business. 

Look for packaging that is eco-friendly and simple to open but innovative in design. You don’t want customers to have a difficult time opening the package. Fighting your way through layers of cardboard and duct tape is not at all fun. 

Think about the design elements that will make your packaging stand out and help differentiate your product from the competition. If you need help deciding on the right packaging for your business, give us a call and we can help you create the perfect packaging for your products.